A quick reminder about Google’s free advertising programme for charities


Everyone with a website, or a blog, will know the importance of using search engine marketing (SEM) to help drive traffic their way. However, based on a couple of recent conversations I’ve had, what not everyone knows is that Google funds a special programme to make this easier for registered nonprofits operating in 16 countries around the world.

Called Google Grants, it offers at least three months of free advertising through its AdWords advertising product to organisations it selects based on an online application process.

Google Grants recipients are only chosen every three months and after completing the online application form you will be informed within six months whether you have been awarded a grant. So, if you are currently using SEM – or have a website and haven’t yet tested it – take a look at their website and see if you can get yourself some free AdWords advertising.


One thought on “A quick reminder about Google’s free advertising programme for charities

  1. The reason many people don’t know about this is because Google don’t actively promote it. We were invited to take part a couple of years ago, and one condition was we didn’t talk about the scheme with other charities!

    It is probably worth it for a small organisation, but we have outgrown the limits Google place on Pay for Click bids – just 50p per keyword if you have a Charity account.

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