Jeans for Genes goes for Google Maps mashup to support its annual fundraising appeal


Jeans for Genes, who organise the annual fundraising day when you get to wear your jeans at work or school in exchange for a donation in support of seven of the UK’s medical charities, has unveiled a Google Maps mashup at the site to show who across the country is taking part.

For anyone new to the term, a ‘mashup’ is a hybrid web application that combines data and/or functionality from more than one source. The Google Maps API is one of the most popular mashup interfaces, as it enables data from any source (so long as it has a geographic reference) to be displayed as an interactive map.

In the case of Jeans for Genes, as well as adding your location – shown by a denim patch – you can also leave a comment saying what you’ll be doing. The site can be searched by city, postcode, organisation or name to see who else is getting involved and there are plenty of clear links to the main fundraising site. Overall, it’s a really effective way to illustrate the breadth of the campaign and make individuals participating really feel that they’re part of something on a national scale.

Other UK nonprofit organisations using a Google Maps mashup include the NSPCC with its Be the Full Stop site and The Museum of London with Map my London.

While in the US, Lucy Bernholtz reports on her Philanthropy 2173 blog that there is also a Guidestar Google Maps mashup and another from volunteering organisation VolunteerMatch showing locations of opportunities to volunteer.

Anyone know of any other nonprofit mashups? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


One thought on “Jeans for Genes goes for Google Maps mashup to support its annual fundraising appeal

  1. Bryan – The mashups that you discuss are very impactful in demonstrating a social need within the community. However, it can be very difficult to create these mashups, particularly if the non-profit does not have the financial resources or the technological knowledge.
    I am involved in developing a website called Stickymap just launched a free social action tool that helps community organizations create graphical maps of their projects. Non-profits, business associations, foundations, schools, and others can use Stickymap to demonstrate their impact in their communities by showing where partnerships and projects are located. In addition, the community can interact with the maps by uploading pictures and text descriptions.

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