Macmillan Cancer Support offers virtual coffee in support of fundraising event


Macmillan Cancer Support, the charity behind one of the UK’s largest fundraising events – The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – is really getting into the Community Fundraising 2.0 spirit this year, with “virtual” coffees being shared through email, Facebook, and even in Second Life.

The email approach is a fun way to spread the word about the event, enabling you to send your friend a virtual coffee which is then drunk at an animated microsite – complete with slurping. Requests for small donations are made throughout, including extras if you want to send a virtual biscuit or muffin with the coffee. Having dispatched the virtual beverage you then get the opportunity to share the whole virtual coffee experience through a link on your Facebook profile.

If that’s not virtual enough for you, then on the day of the event – this Friday 28th September – you can drop-in to the charity’s new Second Life Macmillan cancer information centre to take part in a Second Life fundraising auction or just to throw a few Linden Dollars (the SL currency) into the giant coffee cups around the place. After the event Macmillan intends to continue using the centre as a source of information and support for any Second Life users affected by cancer, as well as offering a retail area where visitors can purchase real life Macmillan merchandise.

All-in-all, a great example of a charity using a mix of online channels in an innovative, fun and engaging way to help involve more people with their event. Apparently nearly two million people took part last year, raising over ¬£6.7m ($13.5m) – so here’s hoping all of this virtual activity pays-off in real income growth terms after Friday.


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