September 07 blog extras round-up


There’s so much going on in the digital fundraising world and only so much time that I can find to blog about it. To help keep-up, I thought it would be useful to include a round-up of items that I’ve come across over the last month but haven’t been able to include full posts on. Hope you find it interesting – and useful…

1. News of two innovative approaches to get people engaged in online advocacy (including a Second Life Guantanamo) from Beth Kanter’s ever interesting blog in Tear It Down and Virtual Guantanamo

2. Also from Beth, an update on the global support for the Burma protesters encompassing all forms of online channels.

3. In Should Facebook have banished Ranger Rick? The Green Miles reported on the heated debate over Facebook’s refusal to let Ranger Rick, the beloved persona of the US National Wildlife Federation, keep his Facebook profile – on the basis that only a real person can have a profile. I’ve spotted at least one UK charity which still seems to have a profile in place (cancer care, girls name, no more clues..) – so why pick on Rick?

4. Soha El-Borno provided a really handy review of her top 10 easy-to-use web poll and survey tools for your blog and website

5. Nancy Schwartz hosted a great blog carnival on How to use video online to strengthen your nonprofit marketing impact

6. Finally, some very worthwhile reading and food for thought from London-based non-profit thinktank nfpSynergy, which made its great report on The 21st Century Donor available for free download.


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