Handy Facebook research for fundraisers


Charlene Li of Forrester Research has just posted an interesting presentation about Facebook on SlideShare.

As well as some commercial best practice case studies, it also includes a breakdown of the demographics of Facebook users for the UK, US, Canada and Australia – based on Facebook internal data.

Particularly interesting for anyone considering using Facebook for fundraising is the evidence for ageing of the user base – which I commented on a while ago. Canada shows the oldest profile, followed by Australia and then the UK. The US remains skewed massively to the under-24s, presumably reflecting the site’s origins in the US academic community.

UPDATE – see my more recent post ‘Handy demographics application for Facebook fundraisers’ for more on the changing profile of Facebook users


2 thoughts on “Handy Facebook research for fundraisers

  1. This confirms that I have finally found a social networking site where I feel more at home than my children! Although being bundled into a “35+” band still makes me feel wrinkly. Anybody done any research on to what extent the people who have most time to browse around are signing up to FB – the 65+ group?

  2. You’re right, ’35+’ is a pretty diverse user group! i’m not aware of any specific research unto older Facebook users, but will keep a look-out and post anything I come across.

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