New opportunity for MySpace fundraising


Rumours are bouncing around the web that social network site MySpace is preparing to launch its 3rd party developer platform at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco next week.

Creatively called ‘MySpace Platform’, it is expected to comprise a set of APIs and a new markup language that will allow any developer to produce advanced applications with the ability to access member information (profile data, friend list, activity history, etc.) – rather than just sit on the surface of the site as a plethora of MySpace profile pimping options currently do.

This launch has been expected ever since Facebook opened itself up to 3rd party applications in the same way back in May – in a move that has contributed significantly to that site’s astonishing growth since then.

For online fundraisers, MySpace Platform will offer opportunities to engage with the MySpace member audience in a far more sophisticated way than ever before. So, look out for the launch of new MySpace fundraising apps similar to the range of Facebook apps that have appeared over recent months.


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