October online fundraising round-up


Another end of month round-up of assorted bits and pieces I spotted during the last few weeks and thought were interesting/handy, but haven’t had time to mention. Hope you find them useful…

Right at the start of the month, UK charity Arthritis Care went live with a new member recruitment campaign using email, direct mail, press, online advertising and an online video diary site. Great to see an organisation with a primarily older audience recognising the potential to engage with them online – and doing so in such an engaging way.

A handy post on Michael Stein’s Nonprofit Internet Strategy blog reminds us of the vital importance of online thank you pages and provides some tips to help make the most of them.

More great hints and tips, this time from Wild Apricot, relating to building a better blog.

A few more, from Seth Godin’s great blog, on how to create a great website (with thanks to my old Seattle colleague Jeff Brooks for mentioning that one).

And finally, some Web 2.0 best practice guidelines from Alex Samuel at Social Signal.


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