Facebook Pages offers new ways to engage with supporters


You might remember my post a month or so ago about Facebook cancelling the account of the US National Wildlife Federation’s ‘Ranger Rick’ because he wasn’t a real person and organisations aren’t allowed to have Facebook profiles.

Well, with the launch of Facebook Pages last week, any organisation or brand (commercial or nonprofit) can now promote themselves through a page – complete with a wall, photos, discussion groups, the works.

In traditional Facebook style, when supporters interact with your page their actions generate news feed items which, in turn, help spread the word of how they’ve been engaging with your cause to all of their friends.

Already a range of nonprofits have set-up pages, including UNICEF, Defenders of Wildlife, The American Cancer Society – and, of course, the National Wildlife Federation.

Anyone out there doing anything interesting to engage supporters through their Facebook Page – do let me know.

If you’re not already looking into it, and you have supporters you believe are likely to be interacting through Facebook – then do go and take a look at what new opportunities Facebook Pages offers you to engage with them.


One thought on “Facebook Pages offers new ways to engage with supporters

  1. Hi Bryan,

    CBM UK had also had their profile deleted a couple of months ago as a result of not being ‘an individual’ but Facebook were kind enough to advise that maybe setting up a Facebook Group would be the best way forward instead – so we did.

    Now that the new Facebook Pages have been launched, we’re there along with a few of our other offices but the only drawback is that for a Non-Profit, unless you’re paying for an advertising campaign, you end up being lost and it seems difficult to gain ‘fans’ or spread your news (stores/brands have a ‘invite’ function).

    In addition, we’re trying to find one of the Apps like ‘Causes’ that enables supporters to donate in £s rather than $… and we’re not getting far.

    Whilst Facebook etc will be great for advocacy work – appealing to those that may be passionate enough to support some great causes, but not be in a financial position to donate – for fundraising, it’s not really helping us much.

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