Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants coming here next week!


The Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants is a weekly blog carnival hosted by a wide range of bloggers from all around the world, drawing together some of the best nonprofit advice and resources on offer across the blogosphere.

Each week a different host blogger sets a topic for the carnival and other bloggers submit posts on that theme – with the best seven being highlighted on the host’s blog. We can’t promise that fame and fortune will follow selection for the carnival – but sharing your thoughts on a topic in this way will certainly bring a lot of new people to your blog!

Next week, I’ll be hosting the carnival here on Giving in a digital world – and the theme for the week will be “Engaging with supporters through online social networks”.

So, if you’re a blogger with something to say about how nonprofits are using online social networks of any shape or size, be it Facebook, Myspace, Second Life, or whatever… then please do submit a post here before next Monday (26th Nov).


One thought on “Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants coming here next week!

  1. I guess I’m the “Luddite” version of a blogger in that I struggle to keep up in this world so why would I want a “second life” either avatar or additional social network? I tried “Friends Reunited” only to be reminded of why I didn’t stay in touch with poeple who still are, surprise surprise, pretty boring folk.

    However I recognise that many people – my son included – are spending increasing amounts of time online in Facebook, MySpace and (one I can just about understand) MSN messenger. SO…. I’ve registered with Facebook though I can’t help doing a Groucho Marx and ask the question, “Do I want to be a member of a club that’ll have me?” I can’t see too many major donors having time on their hands but perhaps it’s going to be more effective than street canvassing?

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