Crisis ‘Send a Singer’ Christmas online fundraising campaign hits its £1m target


Back at the end of October I wrote about an innovative online corporate fundraising campaign that our team at WWAV Rapp Collins had just developed for homelessness charity Crisis.

Based around the microsite, the idea was for companies to replace their traditional Christmas cards with video e-cards of carols sung by choirs made-up of folks who have been helped through Crisis projects – and the target was to raise £1 million.

The great news is that this ambitious target has now been met! A success celebrated through a double page advertisement in the Financial Times today (using space donated by the paper) listing all of the companies who took part.

All in all, a great example of how the video capabilities of today’s high speed internet can be used to deliver innovative, fun, and highly successful online fundraising.

Anyone else out there using video to raise money from either corporate or individual donors? If so, let us know how you’re getting-on by using the comment function below.


One thought on “Crisis ‘Send a Singer’ Christmas online fundraising campaign hits its £1m target

  1. Hi Brian,

    Very creative approach and outstanding results. Congratulation!


    Plinio Okamoto
    Interactive Creative Director
    Rapp Digital – Brazil

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