A quick Community Fundraising 2.0 conference session plug

There was some great feedback following my Community Fundraising 2.0 session at the Institute of Fundraising’s Direct Marketing Conference back in February. So I thought I’d post a quick plug for a couple more conference’s I’ll be speaking at later this year – not just as an invitation to anyone attending to come-along and say ‘hello’, but also to see if anyone has relevant case studies of online fundraising they’ve been involved in that they’d like to share. I do my best to keep-up with the latest fundraising campaigns, but there’s so much going-on these days that it’s easy to miss things!

The first conference is the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention held here in London on 7th July. I’m co-speaking there with Natasha Hill, a former WWAV colleague and now Director of Supporter Marketing at Cancer Research UK, on the subject of ‘Fundraising in a Facebook World – Empowering Community Fundraising Online’.

The second is the International Fundraising Congress in October over at Noordwijk in The Netherlands, and the title of that session is ‘Community Fundraising 2.0 – the future of fundraising in a networked society’.

If you’ve got any suggestions for online community fundraising campaigns that you think I should take a look at, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “A quick Community Fundraising 2.0 conference session plug

  1. Hi Bryan,

    I want to tell you about GiveForward.org. We are a new peer-to-peer community fundraising site that provides personal fundraising pages to individuals and organizations to help them raise money online for good causes.

    The personal fundraising pages will look somewhat similar to profiles on a social networking site with photos, videos, comments, event information, etc. Once the profile is filled out, the individual can then send the link to friends and family asking them to make a quick and easy online donation.

    In concept, we are somewhat similar to other online fundraising sites in existence in that our users will have the opportunity to raise money for any non-profit that is important to them. However, what makes us different from other peer-to-peer fundraising sites is that we also allow users to raise money for good causes that are not necessarily affiliated with a non-profit organization.

    For instance, later this year I will be running a half-marathon to raise money for a scholarship fund for my friend’s two-year-old daughter who recently lost her mother to cancer. Additionally, another one of our GiveForward team members will be using the site to raise money for travel expenses so he and his water polo team can compete in the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipai.

    We’re launching July 2008. I hope you’ll check us out. Thanks!

    Ethan Austin
    Co-founder, GiveForward

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the site Ethan. Best of luck with the launch – I’ll look-out for it.

  3. Hi Bryan,
    One of my clients – The Brooke – are running a great community fundraising event called Horses in Need. Definitely worth checking out. Please drop me a line if you’d like some more info about it or stop by our stand at the IoF convention (stand 14) next week and I’ll fill you in. It’s a great event that’s now in its second year. It’s a very simple concept – supporters are asked to host their own event in support of the Brooke. They have supporters around the world taking part in the event.

    Best wishes,

    Alexandra Bono
    Product Specialist – Online Fundraising
    Rapidata Services

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