What characterises a strong ‘digital’ charity brand?

I spotted an interesting post by Shiv Singh at interactive agency Avenue A|Razorfish the other day, about the seven key attributes they have defined as characterising ‘digital brands’ (meaning brands best equipped for our new digital consumer world), and it occurred to me that the same criteria could be handy when examining charity brands and the way they engage online:

FRESH – does it inspire a feeling or emotion?

ADAPTIVE – does it respond to your involvement?

RELEVANT – Is it useful or appealing to you, specifically?

TRANSFORMATIVE – Does it raise expectations of the brand or the web?

SOCIAL – Is it worth borrowing, sharing, or contributing to?

IMMERSIVE – Do you lose track of time?

AUTHENTIC – Does it seem genuine?

The presentation above provides some examples of this as well as comparing top scoring ‘digital brands’ to Interbrand’s traditional top brands list. While in Shiv’s post he provides a handy interactive Excel ‘Brand Gene Scorecard’ with which you can have a go at comparing how your own online brand presence rates against your competitors in terms of digital engagement.


One thought on “What characterises a strong ‘digital’ charity brand?

  1. Great post! I think design is an aesthetic that needs to be carefully rationed and used for charity branding exercises. Overdoing it will kill the authenticity of the brand, while under-exposure will keep it waiting in the wings of the stage!

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