Two twitterers keep the tweets flying thick and fast at the International Fundraising Congress

I’m over at the 28th International Fundraising Congress in Holland right now, nursing a bad cold with lots of Lemsip and relaxing a bit after giving a couple of morning sessions back to back on The Future of Fundraising in a Networked Society.

One of the great things about conferences like this is the opportunity to catch-up with folks you just don’t get the opportunity to see much the rest of the year, a case in point here being my catching-up with Howard from and Jonathan from Justgiving – who I usually only talk to online. The two of them are apparently the only delegates out of some 950 folks here from all around the world who are microblogging their experience at various sessions using Twitter. I only found this out when Jonathan mentioned that he’d been twittering away in the back row of my second session this morning (including mention of the ‘dubious’ Dutch language ‘are you lonely’ Facebook ad that appeared in my profile when I was using it to illustrate a point – see above!-).

You can follow the full results of their marathon twittering here.

Btw – for anyone who attended my sessions who is wanting to get the presentation downloads – I’ll post details of the IFC web address where you can get these as soon as I find-out what it is.

Time for another Lemsip now.


5 thoughts on “Two twitterers keep the tweets flying thick and fast at the International Fundraising Congress

  1. Thanks Bryan. It’s been great fun trying to share some of the key points from each session here at IFC 2008. Glad to see Jon got into your so-popular-they-shut-the-doors sessions to give exclusive updates on your thoughts and ideas.

  2. Bryan, thanks for the mention. I must admit it makes being at presentations much more fun when you are tweeting to the masses and engaging with others who aren’t fortunate enough to hear the likes of you speak… 🙂

    Plus, I have found it’s a useful note-taking system – I can look back at my tweets for a record of what I thought about each presentation without having to try and transcribe my spidery handwriting from a notepad, and then send it to others in the office or elsewhere.

  3. Great idea of using Twitter for easy recording and sharing of conference notes – you’ve re-ignited my interest in it!

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