A very happy third birthday to Kiva!

This month marks the third birthday of the fantastic person-to-person, micro-lending website Kiva – and what a three years it has been since their launch. From raising $1million in its first year, to $10million by year two, and an amazing $40million by the end of year 3! It just goes to show what incredible things can be achieved when visionary fundraisers embrace the benefits of the internet to enable donors to support life-changing projects in a truly engaging and personal way.

According to the latest Kiva stats (updated nightly) over 350,000 individual lenders have now supported projects in 41 different countries through Kiva, and it still seems to be growing as fast as ever.

While the micro-lending business model is very different to traditional fundraising (you can get your money back once the projects you’ve funded have repaid their loan – if you want to – although most supporters just ‘re-invest’) there is still a wealth of learning to be gained here for others looking to grow their online fundraising. If you’ve never visited the site, then get over there and take a look. Or, if you’ve seen the site but haven’t been there for a while then take another look, as they’ve added some interesting things like Kiva lending teams – which fits perfectly with the key trend of online community fundraising.

(Image and Guy Kawasaki quote from the Kiva Blog)


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