More examples of online community fundraising initiatives from Holland


Online Community Fundraising was one of the big discussion topics over at the Dutch National Fundraising conference back in November, so it’s no surprise that since then I’ve noticed a growing number of new examples of fundraisers in Holland making use of social media to engage with supporters and their personal social networks online.

A couple of the latest have been health charity Astma Fons and the team behind the annual Radio 3FM ‘Serious Request’ fundraising campaign on behalf of the Red Cross – both of which have joined Vogelbescherming Nederland in making use of the YoCo online community fundraising platform.

Meanwhile, new Dutch crowdfunding start-up Play It Forward looks to have slipped its launch date just a little – with the launch countdown on its holding site now indicating a live date in February.


One thought on “More examples of online community fundraising initiatives from Holland

  1. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for your postings on Play it Forward. Indeed we had to delay the launch a bit due to the seemingly inevitable technical hick-ups one encounters when building such a comprehensive platform.

    To give you (and other readers) a small update: we’ll start testing the first release in about 10 days. Then we’ll launch a beta somewhere early Februari. It should be around early March when we’ll have our hard launch and let the world know that PIF World is here!

    Play on,


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