ActionAid promote Put People First G20 protest march with a Twitter-powered superhero


Development charity ActionAid took to the streets this week with a novel approach to publicise today’s ‘Put People First’ protest march through London, in the form of The MegaMouth – a megaphone-equipped superhero shouting-out slogans provided by the general public via SMS and Twitter.

Followed by a camera crew providing video updates to the ActionAid website and, and a Twitterer providing a live commentary, The MegaMouth has roamed the streets of London for the last week shouting-out submitted slogans about everything from climate change to anti-capitalism. Including a suitably arboreal contribution from The Woodland Trust’s Head of Campaigns (aka ‘EdWoodlandTrust’) with  “Hey G20 LEAF our planet alone, we’re SYCAMORE you lot doing nothing when WILLOW you listen?” and an ’80s-inspired “Obama Obama let’s have some drama: stop the bonuses, feed the world and give us more Bananarama.” from ‘Mel’.

Some folks didn’t quite seem to get the point of it all, as exemplified by the message “I love you Mum! Sorry I forgot mothers day.”! But in the main it’s a fun and distinctive way for ActionAid to get people talking about the issues surrounding the G20 meeting and an innovative use of Twitter to give people a voice in the debate.

With Twitter use quoted as growing by 1,689% from February 2008 to February 2009, some 1.8m UK sign-ups, and a growing understanding of the type of people using it, hopefully we’ll see a lot more such innovative applications of the technology over the coming months.

If you spot any, do let me know by leaving a comment below.


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