The List of Change – new ranking of cause-related blogs

List of change

Last week saw the launch of The List of Change, a new ranking of the top English-language change and cause-related blogs – providing a very handy way to find some new sources of news and information of interest to nonprofit marketers and fundraisers.

The ranking is based on each blog’s Technorati Rank, Technorati In-Links, Bloglines Subscribers, Alexa Points, Google PageRank, and Yahoo In-Links, which are combined to give a score out of 100.

Currently the top score of 95 goes to Beths Blog, while at the opposite end of the 127 blog list is The Changebase. Right now this blog – Giving in a Digital World – is hovering mid-table at 66, but things change daily as the various components of the ranking change.

Take a look at the latest full ranking here – and you’re sure to find something of interest amongst the diverse range of blogs listed.


2 thoughts on “The List of Change – new ranking of cause-related blogs

  1. Hi, thanks for mentioning The Changebase! I’m just starting out in the “blogosphere” so I hope to see the site climb the list in the future. You’ve got a great site yourself–I’m looking forward to reading through it.

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