Second Life Relay for Life 2009 virtual fundraising event – this weekend

Since the heady days of Summer 2007 when we had virtual Wimbledon and The Guardian backed a whole virtual music festival, the virtual world Second Life seems generally to have slipped down the online hypecycle from the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ to the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’.

However, one charity that is still actively establishing its presence there is the American Cancer Society. Led by an incredibly dedicated Second Life community of volunteers, the ACS has grown its Second Life activities substantially since its first virtual Relay for Life fundraising event in 2005 – raising over $215,000 through its 2008 event and now hoping to surpass this with its 2009 event being held this Saturday, July 18th.

Apparently they’ve got over 125 teams and 2,000 participants already registered for the 24-hour virtual relay event – and from past years it should be a fun event to log-on to watch.

Alternately, if wandering a little 3d avatar of yourself amongst crowds of virtual fundraisers isn’t your idea of a fun day out – then you can get a good feel for the event, and other ACS activity in Second Life, from the video above.


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