2009 Second Life Relay for Life exceeds $270,000 in donations

As mentioned earlier, last weekend saw the 2009 Relay for Life fundraising event in the virtual world Second Life – in aid of the American Cancer Society.

Hopes were high in advance of the event that they would surpass the $210k raised through the event last year – and sure enough they have. At the latest count they were up to $270k, and apparently there is still money coming-in.

If you’re new to the whole idea of online fundraising in a ‘virtual world’, then take a look at the promotional video above. And if you know of anyone else making fundraising work in Second Life then do leave a comment to let me know – because the ACS, with their incredibly dedicated Second Life community, is the only one that I’ve seen over the last few years.


4 thoughts on “2009 Second Life Relay for Life exceeds $270,000 in donations

  1. Hi,
    ACS does have incredibly dedicated Second Life SUPPORTERS. And Relay For Life is an event that sweeps away borders, it encourages supporters to reach out. I honestly believe any non-profit organization can have the same impact in Second Life as ACS has had these last four years if they are come with the mind set to serve the community first and then ask for support.
    Just my two-cent and thank you for hearing me out.

  2. Woohoo! High Fives to everybody in SL who participated. I know my team though small remain motivated through the event and we are very excited to hear this success! Maybe we can hit 300,000k next year!


  3. Great presentation – only one thing that quite doesn’t work for me is the voicing… they could have benefited from a younger more dynamic voice.

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