Some interesting thoughts on Quantum Fundraising


There’s an interesting article by Jon Duschinsky in the latest edition of the Resource Alliance eNewsletter, where he introduces the concept of ‘quantum fundraising’ as a way of explaining how people increasingly want to come-together online to make something happen – but then to disband and move-on to do something different elsewhere. Jon says…

People are increasingly self-organising and using the tools of the flat world platform – the web, networks (physical and virtual), tribes, omniscient communication – to effect change in different ways. Linear society is fading from our present. We have entered the age of quantum society, where people come together under a shared vision to effect change before disbanding and going off to do other things.

He goes-on to examine what can be learned from Obama’s grassroots fundraising activity as a guide to how to make quantum fundraising happen as well as to highlight what he believes to be one of the Obama team’s few errors – going against the quantum fundraising idea by trying to maintain the community that formed to get him elected when the mass of those involved have moved-on to other things.

It’s well worth a read as a fresh take on the challenges fundraisers will face in the future as they seek to engage with supporters in our networked society.


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