UK charity launches online Favour Farm to encourage youth volunteering

V – the UK charity that aims to inspire youth volunteering has just launched a fun new site called The Favour Farm to encourage young people to do favours for those around them in everyday life.

These favours can be as simple as giving a friend a hug or cooking breakfast for their family through to taking part in a charity campaign and, as you’ll see from the video above, the site lets you record these favours in the form of small fluffy animals that live on the farm. Friends doing things together can gather their animals into flocks and there’s a competition for the largest flock, with prizes of festival tickets and the like.

Picture 1

Created by digital agency Ralph, it’s certainly a great looking site with plenty of interactive animated content and features including a comments tickertape and a GoogleMaps mashup to show where favours are being done. Each favour recorded also links to a related V volunteering opportunity – to illustrate the type of volunteering the favour creator might be interested in trying-out.

It’s an interesting youth-focused take on the ‘random acts of kindness’ idea that has been promoted online for a while through sites like,, and and hopefully will get more young people thinking about ways they might volunteer their time in the future.

I believe it only launched this month and as I type there are 628 favours down on the farm – which seems like pretty good going in such a short time. However, to keep the numbers growing and so achieve much of a reach within the youth market I’d imagine they’re going to need quite a bit of online and offline promotional activity to make young people aware of the site and sufficiently interested to get involved with it. There are apparently plans for promotion at festivals over the summer, so it’ll be interesting to watch how the site progresses after this.


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