Social Actions team launches Social Entrepreneur API

Social Entrepreneur API

Last week an interesting new initiative was launched by the team at Social Actions – whose open source database of microphilanthropic opportunities from over 50 different non-profits I wrote about in April this year.

This time they have brought together data from a number of different social enterprise funders to create the world’s first open source database of social entrepreneurs who have who have won fellowships and awards. The idea being to make it easy for philanthropists, investors, journalists and others involved in similar non-profit work to make contact with formally vetted social entrepreneurs – and so facilitate easier collaboration, future funding, etc.

The social entrepreneurs on the database range from representatives of non-profits to individuals working within their own communities, but all have in common the fact that they have been formally recognised for their work by the organisations that have contributed the data. As with the Social Actions microphilanthropy database, this unique dataset can be searched based on keyword, location, cause area, etc. but has also been specifically designed to enable any third party to access and re-publish the data through their own web applications.

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2 thoughts on “Social Actions team launches Social Entrepreneur API

  1. Bryan, thanks so much for drawing attention to the Social Entrepreneur API — and apologies for not sharing this appreciation sooner — it’s been a busy week! We’re receiving a great response to the API’s launch, for the resource it provides today and for the momentum it adds to all of the projects out there moving nonprofit and social enterprise activity online so its easier to find and support. Truly looking forward to keeping in touch as the project evolves — more social entrepreneur profile sources, more information about each entrepreneur and their organization and impact in the weeks and months ahead —


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