Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

It’s not often that a charity gets a mention in the science and technology magazine Wired, but the forthcoming edition of Wired UK includes a great write-up on Cancer Research UK’s project crowdfunding site MyProjects – heralding it as a ‘radical approach to transparency in charities‘.

To be honest I’m not sure that MyProjects is quite as radical as the article suggests. But it is certainly the best project crowdfunding site that I’ve seen from a medical research charity and it does provide a level of transparency, through project-specific funding, that most other charities still shy away from.

Building on the understanding that many people want to be able to focus their donations on one particular type of cancer, MyProjects lets potential donors choose to support a specific project – with details of the work being undertaken provided through video interviews with the scientists involved. Once you’ve chosen a particular project, you can then set-up a ‘giving group’ through which you can get friends and family involved, with tools provided to help promote fundraising activity and to show progress being made towards the fundraising goal. It’s got a nice clean site design which is easy to navigate and 73 giving groups have already signed-up during the site’s Beta test stage.

All in all, well worth a look if you’re thinking of developing online project crowdfunding for your own organisation.



3 thoughts on “Wired Magazine praises Cancer Research UK’s MyProjects crowdfunding site

  1. Our Cancer Survivor Community launched a cancer research crowdfunding platform called Start A Cure at http://startacure.com We’ve got about two dozen really interesting projects up for funding and many more on the way. Some are from researchers from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. It seems to me that community based niche crowdfunding is the next wave after the mega sites like kickstarter. Start A Cure certainly seems to be resonating in the research community and will hopefully prove itself as a funding engine in the cancer survicor community.

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