Great turn-out at the Fundraising Ireland 2010 National Conference

I’m just back home after a flying visit over to the Fundraising Ireland 2010 National Conference in Dublin, where I was presenting a session about online community fundraising – the slides from which are available to view above or via Slideshare.

The conference was a sell-out event and the sessions I got to, as well as my own, were characterised by some really great interaction and questions – which reflected the great atmosphere at the whole event. Add to that the best conference lunch I’ve had in ages and the whole thing was a great success. So, many congratulations to the organisers at Fundraising Ireland. They’re a pretty new network for Irish fundraisers, and just announced that they are about to re-vamp their website as an Irish fundraising information portal as well as introduce a membership scheme. Without a doubt, well worth getting involved with them if you’re a fundraiser in Ireland.

One of the topics that was returned to a couple of times in discussions was the lack of useful Ireland-specific research on everything from giving trends to online usage. To help-out with the latter, here are the links to the latest freely available Irish online usage research I’ve been able to find – and which I quoted from in my session:

> Latest report from ComReg (the Irish Commission for Communications Regulation) a bit of a heavy read but does include the latest data on internet access in Ireland – published just this month: download it for free here

> Amarach Research Irish Life Online Report from Feb 2009: downloadable here

> Barry Hand’s blog post on the top Irish websites for Feb 2010: read it here

> Information on facebook user numbers in any country around the world:

If anyone comes across any other recent research into the Irish online market – especially if it relates to social media use – then do let me know.



6 thoughts on “Great turn-out at the Fundraising Ireland 2010 National Conference

  1. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the reference, hope you found some of it useful. I’ll have a look and see if there’s something a little more specific I can do on which websites to target for creating awareness of Fundraising.

    If you’re looking for some facebook stats, Damien Mulley normally keeps a record here – but you can get up to date info by creating a new ad on FB and checking the targeting options for different demographic data.

    1. Thanks Barry, there is a real lack of data available in relation to online fundraising in Ireland – so any data you can add specific to fundraising will be brilliant. Even just understanding the top charity websites by UVs would we a great starting point.

    1. Hi Paul – no problem at all with you embedding the presentation on your site. Your news section looks like a very handy resource for fundraisers in Ireland.

      1. Too bad my html tagging skills aren’t so sharp – I see I made a right dog’s dinner out of the links I tried to embed above!

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