IFC Online Conference coming-up next month – no travelling required!

As someone who has just spent over 3 days getting home from a conference speaking engagement in Germany because air travel to and from Europe is in lockdown thanks to volcanic ash, the thought of an international conference you can attend from the comfort of your own home is particularly attractive. And that’s just what the IFC Online conference, being held next month from 11th to 13th May, is offering – “the world’s first 100% online international fundraising conference”.

Organised by the Resource Alliance who are also responsible for the annual International Fundraising Congress in Holland, this will be the second year that IFC Online has been held. I presented a session at last year’s conference and found the whole ‘virtual conference’ experience to be far more engaging than I had expected. In particular I enjoyed the fact that people watching my session could ask questions at any point, simply by typing them in on their computer, and then I could respond to them as I went along.

This year the conference technology platform, provided by Forum for Fundraising, looks a lot slicker than the inaugural event – as you can see on the promotional video here.

The conference registration fee is based on a cost per site connection, rather than a cost per viewer, so you can connect a projector to your computer and your whole team team can attend the conference from your office for just $279 – and no travel required at all!



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