GuideStar acquires both Social Actions and Philanthropedia

Long-time subscribers to Giving in a Digital World may remember my previous posts about the online microphilanthropy initiative Social Actions (which aggregates thousands of microphilanthropic opportunities through one open source data set, making it easy to find opportunities to act in support of any cause you’re interested in) and the expert non-profit review and recommendation system Philanthropedia.

Between them, they represent two of the best examples of online philanthropic thought leadership in action that I’ve seen in recent years. So, it’s no surprise that non-profit information specialist GuideStar just announced that it has acquired both of them to add to its “growing knowledge base of tools, data and information designed to advance transparency within the nonprofit sector”.

Social Actions founder Peter Deitz revealed the next step in the Social Actions story on the Social Actions blog yesterday, explaining that “Feature enhancements that we previously described as ‘possible with sufficient resources’ will be developed, tested, and deployed more rapidly and integrated seamlessly into GuideStar’s existing toolset, resulting in a robust platform capable of leading many more people to meaningful and high-impact action on the causes they care about.” Exciting stuff! And well worth keeping an eye out for the next level of Social Actions activities over the next few months.

Philanthropedia’s network of experts and innovative proprietary research methodology, developed to help guide funding to high-impact organisations operating in specific cause areas, is also to be integrated into the GuideStar solution set so as to enhance the services it provides to donors in the US.

For more information on the acquisition you can read the full GuideStar news release here.


2 thoughts on “GuideStar acquires both Social Actions and Philanthropedia

  1. Hi Bryan, this refers to Guidestar USA… Do you have any idea what is going on with Guidestar UK – any exciting plans to enhance digital giving there or is the service more or less dormant? Sarah

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