About Me

Bryan from Strategy Refresh working in Malawi for WaterAid

I’m Bryan Miller (aka @millbry on Twitter) and this is where I share occasional thoughts and ideas relating to all forms of digital fundraising and non-profit marketing.

I originally began this blog way back in June 2007 (when Facebook was still new and SecondLife was all the rage) as part of Howard Lake’s fundraising.co.uk site. But over the months it took-on something of a life of its own, so at the start of 2008 I moved it here and it’s been here ever since.

I’m a long-time agency strategist and planning director, and have also worked as a software developer, marketer, and fundraiser – hence the sort of digital marketing/ fundraising cross-over topics I tend to blog about. I am a little bit geeky, but spent half of my marketing career in the world before the Web really became popular – so try to retain a healthy pragmatism when I’m thinking and posting about new shiny digital stuff.

These days I run a specialist nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultancy called Strategy Refresh.

I’m also a regular international conference speaker and masterclass trainer on subjects related to digital marketing and fundraising.

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