Latest international social media usage report just released – and it’s free!

There are some things that come around every year and that you await with eager anticipation. The first spring flowers, your summer holiday, your birthday, Christmas, and the release of the annual UM Social Media Tracker… or is that last one just me?

If you have any interest in understanding how consumer adoption of social media is evolving (and if you’re reading this blog then you should have) then this report is a must read.

Known as ‘Wave’, it is one of the largest and longest-running examinations of the impact of social media on today‚Äôs global marketplace and this fifth annual installment is based on research conducted in July 2010, involving 36,800 social networkers across 53 different countries.

So it’s global, up to date, robust, contains some really insightful analysis… and it’s free to download here.

Go on… You know you want to.

(Now just 12 months to the next update.)