Socialnomics Social Media Revolution video updated for 2013


Just over a year ago I mentioned a very handy YouTube video created by Erik Qualman, the man behind the concept of Socialnomics, which through 4m 19s of fascinating facts and statistics provided a great introduction to the world-wide strategic importance of Social Media. For several months I used the video in workshops and conference sessions but then, due to the incredibly fast pace of Social Media growth, the statistics became too out of date so I had to revert to less entertaining ways of getting the point across.

Good news this week though – as Erik has just uploaded an updated 2013 version, and this time you can choose from one of two ‘upbeat’ music versions: this one or the other one.

Personally I prefer the original soundtrack, but that’s probably because I’m a tad old skool – and it doesn’t take anything away from the video’s usefulness as an entertaining introduction to the immense reach of Social Media in the world today.


An interesting take on the ROI of Social Media


I was preparing a presentation the other day when I came across this great video by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics, packed full of interesting statistics and insights relating to the growth of Social Media.

Now, I’m an avid reader of digital usage research as part of my job but the way Qualman presents the case for the importance of Social Media and what it means for consumer engagement really captured my attention and is well worth a look

A great soundtrack and lots of interesting nuggets – including one that particularly struck me (3.49 minutes into the 4.16 video):

A pretty challenging thought that – and one that I challenge you not to take seriously after you’ve watched the video!